E3 2013 | PS4 Console Reveal with Price and Run Down

The answers to our questions were… answered.

After long speculating over whether or not the Xbox One and PS4 would duke it out head on, the contest has been made all but obvious.

Sony in one fell swoop announced the PS4‘s lack of used game restrictions of any kind, free games upon launch for PS+ members, and –arguably most importantly– a whopping $100 undercut of the announced $499 chunk of change Microsoft is asking for.

Rumors had spread of a multi-SKU launch, but they were quickly quieted with a single $399 / €399 / £349 SKU announced to be released this holiday season in the United States and Europe.

The console itself was finally revealed as well; its a beauty. PS4 draws inspiration from and pays homage to the once great behemoth in gaming; the PlayStation 2.

Worthy to be in the PlayStation line.
Worthy to be in the PlayStation line.

With its sleek rectangular design it conjures up memories of both its ancestors success with gamers and the nostalgia to remind that PlayStation is an elite breed.

PlayStation 4, of course, also boasts the capability of streaming games and content to the Vita over Gaikai, giving gamers the ability to play PS3 and PS4 anywhere and anytime.

From wandering lost, you've come home.
From wandering lost, you’ve come home.

Preorders in America , Canada, Germany and the UK are now available from Amazon.com and the PS4 will be available this Holiday season.

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