E3 2013 | Metal Gear Solid V Rings Loudly With A New Voice

All eyes were on Microsoft to impress with their E3 conference. All ears are on Kiefer Sutherland to measure up to David Hayter’s iconic turn as Snake. Summarily put, I love it when things work out. Hideo Kojima’s epic franchise is looking strong going forward. Even without the familiar gravelly tones, the new Metal Gear Solid V could actually be the best yet. Open world gameplay, real-time weather, and much, much more combine to make what could very well be the most immersive, and most emotional, Metal Gear Solid to date.

Our look begins with two figures riding in on horseback. The dialogue isn’t exactly shining, but Big Boss’ new comrade sets the stage for a tragic, trying tale that will push Big Boss to his limits. The trailer shows the new Fox Engine’s fantastic visuals, including some very interesting facial capture methods that will very likely put previous Metal Gear’s lip-sync issues to shame.

Snakes‘ stealth arsenal grows even more from Metal Gear Solid 4′s impressive repertoire.  In addition to the classic rolls, players can dive, more fluidly climb objects, and the close quarters combat system, or CQC, is getting a few more tweaks. Check out the official trailer below for Metal Gear Solid V, courtesy of Spike TV’s Gametrailers.

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