E3 2013 | Halo 5 Teaser Trailer

Today at E3, 343 Industries showcased an epic teaser trailer for what they called “Halo“. Now let me first start off by saying that if any hardcore fan knows the series, that this is obviously Halo 5.


In the trailer, we are first shown a tall, cloaked character wandering through the desert. The figure comes to a stop when the sand starts parting to the side. The ground starts moving and this massive, Forerunner object rises out from the sand. The object…thing…whatever it is, is beyond massive. It’s one of the largest Forerunner objects I’ve seen aside from basic structures we’ve witnessed in Halo 4.

In a dramatic sequence, the hood on the cloak blows back to reveal the Master Chief! Right off the bat, you can notice a major crack in his lens off to the right side. The rest of his helmet is sandblasted around the edges. It’s obvious he’s going through some rough times without Cortana.

What’s even more interesting is that we see the Master Chief take out his dog tags and holds them in his hand. He looks down at them and see (what I believe) to be Cortana’s chip. That same chip that was used throughout Halo 4 again. I’ve noticed it before and definitely noticed it at E3. Note that the music throughout the trailer changes it’s tone the second Master Chief looks at what’s in his hand to the same tones that are always used when Cortana is involved. The teaser trailer ends with the Chief looking up at this massive “thing” , as the thing looks down at it. 343 has always been great at leaving us asking more questions than answering so a lot is left unknown.

I believe this to be Cortana's chip that's been used to be placed in the Chief's helmet.
I believe this to be Cortana’s chip that’s been used to be placed in the Chief’s helmet.
Mendicant Bias?
Mendicant Bias?

I won’t go to much in to detail just yet. I’ll leave it for another time. For now.

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