E3 2012 | Some Final Thoughts On The Show

  • dls_18

    This game is garbage, its always been, the devs suck.

  • Melissa Nason

    Are Ubisoft Montreal, and Quebec good places to work as a bilingual game programmer?

    Furthermore, do they work on Role Playing Games, of the genre similar to Final Fantasy?

  • Margery Degarmo

    i want to buy rainbow six vegas 2 but ive heard the online servers arent working. Has ubisoft fixed that problem yet, and if not are they ever going to.

  • Louisa Ellman

    I saw a youtube video about this game called babyz its by ubisoft. Its an old game but it looks sooooooo much fun! Do any of you know where I can download a demo?

  • Mc L

    Psycho Dude 99, Charlie Scene, and Crazy Mother Punker in ring

    After Scene betrayed G Bear on Breakdown it was obvious the 3 were a trio. Tonight they made it official. PD started it off on the mic describing how him and Scene came to terms. After their match on GCW him and Scene talked on the phone, worked out their issues, and set up the scam to betray G Bear. PD then reviled that together they were a mob. The Chart Top Mob! Together they would destroy anyone stupid enough to step in their path. Including Falcon for tonight. He then handed the mic to Scene. Scene backed up everything PD said and was shocked G Bear was stupid enough to fall for their plan. Scene obviously made it clear he hated G Bear. Next was Punker and he finished it off by declaring Chart Top Mon as the stable not to mess with. They will destroy anyone and everyone and are bound to be the greatest group in wrestling today.

    Match 1: Justin vs The Funking Punk

    With ½ of the Hardcore champs facing off against the #1 contender for the World title, this match was filled with talent. Though fans cheered on Justin, they were shocked with his performance. The match started up with the 2 tying up and Justin knocking down Punk with a dropkick. He followed it up with several leg drops and a pin, but Punk kicked out. He got to his feet but Justin sent him down with a drop-toe-hold into a crossface. Punk quickly grabbed the rope and slid out of the ring away from Justin. Punk looked angry and he looked at the time keepers table at the Hardcore title he walked out with on Breakdown. But he didn’t look too long because Justin caught him off guard as he vaulted over the top rope and on top of him. Fans cheered and Justin rolled Punk in the ring for a pin. 1, 2, kick out. Justin was doing very well and didn’t slow down at the 2. He got to his feet and bounced off the ropes. But when he came back towards Punk he was taken down with a back body drop. Punk fell to his knees to catch his breath, but Justin wasn’t hurt bad enough for Punk to get resting time. Instead while Punk was on his knees he rolled him up. 1, 2, kick out. Justin almost pulled off a disappointment to Punk. Justin was up and ready and sent Punk back down. He hit repeated dropkicks and chops and almost got a 3 on 2 separate occasions in a minute time span. Finally after a short 3 minutes Justin already set up for a Spear. He backed to the corner and ran but Punk threw him shoulder 1st into the post. The ref checked on Justin as Punk rested against the ropes. But out of nowhere his co-Hardcore champ and the person he attacked on Breakdown URKO, came running out. While facing Punk on the ring apron and the ref helping Justin, he an RKO on Punk driving his throat off the top rope. Punk was down and URKO fled ringside with praise from the fans. Justin got to his feet and reached the top rope where he hit a moonsault. Punk was in deep trouble and Justin backed up for a Spear. Punk reached his feet slowly and was taken down with a Spear. 1, 2, 3! Justin won and made a giant impact just 2 weeks before his giant match at Flashback.

    Winner: Justin

    Match 2: Edgehead vs Maxine

    After a shocking debut to YWWA on Breakdown, #1 contender for the Women’s title Edgehead faced Maxine both having their debuts. Maxine had a good fan following, and Edgehead received 1/5 of the fans cheering. The older fans really took a liking to the knockout legend. The 2 tied up and Edgehead used strength to overpower Maxine. She sent Maxine down, but Maxine got back up. They tied up once more but this time Edgehead pushed her into the corner where she chopped Maxine’s chest. After going for a 4th chop Maxine ducked it and hit a monkey flip on Edgehead. Edgehead reached her feet seconds later and Maxine charged her only to be taken down with a thunderous clothesline. Edgehead then locked Maxine in her vintage Sharpshooter. Thriving in pain in the center of the ring Maxine tried hard to reach the ropes but just couldn’t. So instead she used all the leg strength she could muster to drive Edgehead into the turnbuckle. When Edgehead stumbled back towards Maxine she rolled Edgehead up. 1, 2, kick out. A very close 3 but not good enough. Maxine now tried to pull up Edgehead but once Edgehead reached her feet she hit Maxine with a flapjack. Maxine was in big trouble and in shames of the last match Edgehead backed up and hit Maxine with a Spear for the 3.

    Winner: Edgehead

    Match 3: Wave of the Future (Undisputed Jericho, Fabian Phenom and Beast King) vs Kurt Angle, Rob Morrison(debut), Perfection At It’s Best

    The match started off in a very classy way. With the newly reformed Wave facing off against Perfection, the newly spirited Kurt, and the debut of Rob Morrison all 6 men stood face to face in the ring and shook hands. After a great show of respect the leader Jericho started off with Kurt. These 2 both had great in ring skills, and the locked up. Jericho used his strength advantage to immediately put
    Kurt in an armbar. He held it in for a few seconds before changing it into a headlock. After holding the headlock in for a few seconds he changed it up with a headlock takeover keeping the hold still applied. Kurt couldn’t find and escape. Jericho eventually let go to get a pin but Kurt kicked out. Jericho was up but Kurt brought him down with a shot to Jericho’s knee. Kurt tried to make his way up but Jericho managed to stop him with a reverse bear hug. He backed up to his corner and Fabian tagged in. Jericho held the hold in and Fabian climbed to the top rope and hit a double axe handle to Kurt’s spine. So far this match showed great pure wrestling for the 1st minute, and now Kurt looked to tag in his new partner. Fabian tried to hold his leg back, but Kurt managed to crawl and get the tag anyway. Rob hopped over the rope and sent Fabian down with a punch to his head. Fabian got back up and was taken down by another shot. Same thing again. Fabian got up but this time Rob took him
    rest as PD answer

  • Chester

    I was trying to log into my ubisoft account on splinter cell pandora tomorrow for the pc and it said that it could not be accessed. i checked and re-checked my account user name and password but it still said that it could not be accessed. Pleeze Help!!!!

  • Myles

    Recently, I finally got around to connecting my X-Box to X-Box live, and I’ve been exploring all the new things I can do with it. I’ve been attempting to connect my X-Box to UPlay, Ubisoft’s program which allows you to unlock things in their games. However, I’ve had no luck. From the X-Box Dashboard, where should I go to connect to UPlay?

  • Hotshot t

    The worst to me is South Park and Dragon Ball Z Kai and futurama.
    My best is modern family, that’s 70’s show, simpsons, and cougar town.