E3 2012 | ZombiU – A Wii U-exclusive zombie-based survival horror game

Following  Rayman’s amazing demo featuring the Wii U, ZombiU was highlighted during Ubisoft’s conference; It is  designed for the hardcore gamer, being rated M.

 This evolution of Killer Freaks from Outer Space, minus the aliens, plus the amazing zombies. The publisher showed off a sexy, Dead Rising style trailer with zombies are being decimated in front of Buckingham Palace. Not much can be inferred from this sneak peak, other than it’s based in the UK, and that a terrible virus has taken over and everyone is now a super awesome, gory,  flesh-eating zombie.


No date as been announced, but zombie fans, be on the lookout. Stay posted for news on both the WiiU and ZombiU.

How long will you survive?


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