E3 2012 | Criterion Shows Their Roots with Need For Speed Most Wanted

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  • ossify


  • need for speeder

    this CRAP no more than BURNOUT gameplay with NEED FOR SPEED lic. criterion your not fooling not one bit NFS die hard fan. this is RUBBISH give this game back to BLACKBOX STUDIO or canadianstudio who first design the ORIGINAL NEED FOR SPEED.

  • Marcie Carew

    I regularly stream using my existing broadband (20MB) wireless with a 54MBPS dongle.

    I need to find another ISP but I have to know the minimum speed needed to stream online.

    I also need to find a reasonably piced ISP who would supply a wireless router but that may be another question for another time.

  • Serena Frieden

    I know that if you take pictures with a slow shutter speed movement will be blurry. But for videos what does a high shutter speed needed? You don’t really see the blurry movement. I use a HVX-200 on manual and the shutter is 1/60, should I put more shutter speed when there’s a lot of light?

  • Gloria Hester

    My Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) game is working very fine the last couple of months I played it, graphically. Anti Aliasing is present and all graphics are maxed out without single lag. But now it’s been so laggy and there are jagged edges present on cars signaling the deactivation of the Anti Alias. I’ve tried everything from updating my graphics software, reinstalling the drivers then re-updating them, reinstalling the game and updating it to ( is what I have recently). I also tried forcing Anti Alias thru my AMD Catalyst software, yet, no good still. Can someone help?

    PC Specs:

    Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.10 GHZ
    ATi Radeon 4670 @ 1 GB DDR3
    4 GB of RAM (3 GB usable as per Windows 7 32-bit version)
    Windows 7 32 bit

  • Louisa Ellman

    What year was the Mazda RX-8 in Need for Speed Underground 2 made?

  • Loretta Neale

    Last year’s 45-3 game vs. NE

    or this year’s game vs. the Ravens? I know the game isn’t over but this looks like a total carnage. It isn’t even Sanchez’s fault, his O-Line won’t block for him.
    Hmmm… Interesting. Wonder why Flacco(6’6)would make that throw.

  • Eric

    Recently, I purchased the game; Need For Speed: Undercover for Xbox 360, and after playing it for a while I found that I couldn’t enjoy the free-roam aspect of the game as there are always Police on absolutely every corner, and they begin to chase me if they catch me travelling at only 60 miles per hour! The lowest speed at which I have noticed the Police begin to chase me was 57mph. I wasn’t crashing into anything, I was on the right side of the road, I was even ‘pretending’ to drive normally, but still they began to chase me. It’s especially annoying, as, if / when they catch you, your car acquires a ‘point’, and if it acquires 3 ‘points’, they take your car from you and it can never be recovered / redeemed. I think that the developers of the game made the Police and the rules of the game way to strict for it to be fun.
    Has anybody else ever thought the same or noticed the same things happening to them?

  • Bryan J

    Which Nfs is best for an iPhone out of the ones available? The easiest one to understand, control, and is worth what it costs? Thanks!! And sorry if its in the wrong category.

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    I went to the car specialties shop and did my custom gauge thing. When I went to a race, my map didn’t show up! When I’m just cruising the map is there, but during a race (any kind) it goes away 🙁
    That map helps me alot, answers?!?

  • Marlon P

    are there any differences in need for speed: the run wii and need for speed:the run 3ds? are there less cars on 3ds version?

  • johnkaiser 22

    Can you please tell me exercises for fast twitch muscles that correspond with martial arts,and if you can tell me some exercises Bruce Lee did!And if you tell me an exercise can you give me an understandable description,and tell me how often to do the exercises?
    Oh,and I train in Hung Gar with a mix of San Shou in it.

  • ademuth93

    I use Pro/Engineer Wildfire with large models.
    Unfortunately, Pro/E is not compatible with a Mac, so I need to know what PC type laptop you would buy.

  • The Dark Knight

    I am doing a pageant this weekend and need to cut and speed up the karaoke version of the song I’m using. It needs to be cut from about 2:40 to 90 seconds, but not just out of the end or beginning, but in the middle. I might also need to speed it up.

    What is a free software that I could get online that will do this and let me put the file on a CD?

  • Sonny

    I recently bought burnout paradise on PSN for PS3. It was a bundle pack so it came with a few expansions. The thing is now I have all the cars and I don’t really unlock them when I take them down. This sucks because it makes the game less fun to play since I already have all the cars…
    Is there a way around this?

  • Lia-lu-li

    I want to become a marine biologist and was researching it and was wondering how to prevent burnout in this field?
    Also, are there any interesting facts about marine biology that I should know, or that are just interesting?

  • Zack Faria

    I am playing need for speed world on the pc and I want to know how to get free boost points. It doesn’t have to be hacking method. If there is a way that I can do that by just winning rewards, just tell me.

  • SteveO

    Can you please help i need the motorcycle update for burnout paradise . i don have live. give me all steps. i have a Xbox 360.

  • Paul M

    How to do a burnout on an automatic transmition?

  • Cpt Excelsior

    How do I enter cheat codes in burnout paradise for ps3? I what the codes are, I just cant figure out how to enter them.

  • sakyue1993

    How do you start showdown mode on Burnout paradise?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I own a 1999 Pontiac grand am se. Is it even possible to do a burnout in this car without doing major damage to it?

  • arronwrath

    Note: Never procrastinate on the job!

    Burnout as like emotional exhaustion. Look it up.

  • rashest_hippo

    I want to burnout in a manual 4 cylinder Honda Civic. How do I do it?

  • Orbit

    its an automatic and its front wheel drive.
    everyone tells me to neutral slam it. and i heard that’s the really bad way to do it. is there any other way to do a burnout?

    im doing this to show off in front of the guys at school. lol.
    i know its a stupid idea, but if anyone could please help me,
    it would be much appreciated.

  • johnkaiser 22

    The F-150 is mine and the Sequoia is a friends.. i also have a 1997 ford thunderbird and i can burnout in that one easy..but when we try it in the other 2 cars the cars just “get down” or seem to lower but no tire spin?

  • Thomas Lopez

    How do you recover from energy burnout ? I so tired yet I cant fall asleep deeply and I m so physically and mentally exhausted.
    What should I Do?

  • Milk84

    Im watching mythbusters and they’re trying to set a tire on fire by doing a burnout and they cant do it. I know the cirsicamstances are different but I know I seen a race where Kyle busch did a burnout and his tires caught fire I just dont know when.

  • mike s

    I have worked on our family research for 40 years and have over 27,000 names in our database. I’ve got vitals,pictures,records ,tombstones on & on and find myself just sitting & looking at it and quitting.I am quite good at research so struggling is not the problem. Has anyone else suffered from research burnout?

  • Hannah

    The burnout paradise ultimate box has just been released for pc and its said to include the restart event feature that was missing in the previous console versions. However I have yet to see how to do this.

    Anyone know where the option to restart a race is? i.e. if you know you are not going to win or dont want to drive all the way back to the start to try again.

  • RuMKilleR

    It seems those in the helping professions are prone to burnout, and while it’s inevitable that it will occur from time to time, are there simple tips you can offer that will aid in keeping it to a minimum?

  • tefa_96

    I’ve Gotten the Burnout Elite license and i’ve gotten all 3 carbon cars that you get for the billboards, smashes and jumps. It says i have 73 out of 75 cars. How do i get the last 2?

  • Goe122

    I’m planning on buying a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria or newer year. I was wondering if I had 200 horsepower and 275 torque; would this be good enough for a decent burnout?

  • Boo Cookie

    How would you do a burnout in a 2003 0F150 automatic truck 4×4. In other words, what position would the 4 wheel drive shifter have to be in 2H, 4H, N or 4L
    *Ford F150 not 0F150

  • toast

    I need some ideas from you guys.
    The ones that will not work for me are alcoho, drugsl and masturbation.
    I’m underage, and masturbation isnt my thing, and dont think it will work!
    And drugs… No.
    Not sex either, seeing as Im not involved with anyone at the moment.
    So, that aside, what are some friendlier ways to relax and recharge after reaching burnout point?