E3 2012 | Assassin's Creed lll

A whole bunch of goodness just poured from Ubisoft’s press event. One game some people may find interesting is Assassin’s Creed lll. Ubisoft just showed the game off in all of it’s glory for us to see, so what’s there to get excited about?

Ubisoft started off by showing off a CGI video of the game. The new video shows our new Assassin, Connor, bringing the fight to templars of the Revolutionar era. Connor was dodging gunfire and weaving through enemy soldiers only to gain visual access on his target. Once in range, Connor leaped into the air and shot an arrow in the chest of his target.

The live gameplay portion was also intriguing. The new snowy-woodland environment looked impressive and form a nice new playground for our acrobatic hero. Players will be able to hunt in the game…in the game. Some transactions can be made for the meat of your kill. Templars are still the main threat in this title and should provide a lot of problems for the new protagonist.

The final game will take place before and after the Revolutionary War and will be set in various locations within New England. The game has been confirmed on the Wii U, Xbox 360PS3, and PC.

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