Dynamic Maps And The Faction War In For Honor’s Latest Trailers

Ubisoft shared a new update on the features of its upcoming medieval fight title, For Honor, with two new trailers.

The first video talks specifically about the map variation feature, which adapts each of the twelve scenarios to different factions, times of day, and weather conditions. The second video offers further details on how players will fight for their faction in a cross-platform war, constantly managing the war’s turns.

The game is set to release on February 14th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Its unique multiplayer combat system promises to bring a different competitive scene to players, with stances and styles playing a lead part. Are you a devoted Knight, a swift Samurai or a vicious Viking?

For Honor Will Avoid Repetition With Diversity

At the time, we have full notion of six maps, two for each faction. The full game will feature double the amount, with twelve playable maps and more coming through free DLCs. This explains how each map will have between four to six variations, representing the ruling nation and its location.

The Viking’s home will add a chill touch of snow and frost to the maps, while the green fertile lands of the Knights shine under the sun. As a result, the map list is boosted to sixty possibilities. Even if it’s not the actual map count, the amount stands strong and offers a wider variety than titles that only include different game mode areas for each setting. What’s more, the Faction Wars will define many visual characteristics of each map, depending on who holds the land.

Diversity goes a long way, specially in repetitive multiplayer games. Even if gameplay is a strong main focus, not letting go of environmental details is a great move by Ubisoft Montreal. This translates to the character customization and fight style options, giving players cosmetic freedom and play-style options. Drop doom with your heavy armored longsword wielder, or rely on agile reflexes and smaller but deadly blades.

Fight For Honor, and Your Faction

Pick your side between the world’s greatest warriors and turn fights into conquered territory. For Honor‘s second feature will be the Faction Wars. Whatever your choice is, you’ll still be able to play as the other factions in battle. Only results matter, and the banner you carry. You’ll need to strive for greatness. The better you do, the more War Assets you receive. A decisive token in the cross-platform multiplayer board game. During each six hour turn, players can fight and provide the gained War Assets to reinforce or attack a territory. When the time’s over, the map updates; and so does the playable scenery, since the winner’s ornaments are hung.

Players will unlock in-game rewards depending on their performance and participation, and each season the map will reset. The struggle between the three relentless factions will be endless. If you want to know more about the history behind this world, visit For Honor’s official website.

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