Dying Light Zombiefest Returns This Weekend

Dying Light Zombiefest 3

After two successful Dying Light Zombiefest events, Techland has announced a third go-round. The event runs this weekend from March 31st, 12 PM to April 3rd, 11:30 PM PT. Players across PC, PS4 and Xbox One can take part in this special event.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Zombiefest is a special multiplayer event. Players pick sides between the Survivors and Night Hunters and go all out against one another. The team with the most kills wins. Currently, the competition between the Survivors and the Night Hunters is tied. The video above summarizes last year’s first two Zombiefest events as well as giving a quick glimpse as to what to expect this weekend.

With this third event, players will finally have a chance to deal the final blow to the opposing team. For the duration of the event, the Be the Zombie gameplay goes into the fan-favorite Hyper Mode, which means greater strength and immensely improved motor skills for both sides.

All participants will be awarded a Gold-tier weapon. Additionally, shortly after the event ends, special ranks for both sides will be introduced to reflect the final result.

Fans can track the cumulative score of Hunters and Survivors live right here. Once the event has concluded, players are awarded a special rank which will be active for 3 weeks.

Dying Light originally released in January 2015 and amassed a number of awards during its first year of release. Even though the base game originally released over two years ago, Techland has been constantly keeping the community active. The Dying Light Zombiefest is one of several recurring special events. They also released a massive expansion, dubbed The Following in 2016.

PC players who have yet to to dip their toes in Techland’s latest zombie massacre simulator can grab the game at 60% off on Steam.

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