Duke Nukem 3D Goes Free on GOG

GOG has just made Duke Nukem‘s best game absolutely free. To celebrate the kickoff of their 2012 holiday promotion, GOG is offering 3D Realms’ 1996 classic Duke Nukem 3D for free for Mac and PC users as of today. Duke Nukem 3DAtomic Edition is only free until December 14th. For the uninitiated, the game picks up right after Duke Nukem 2, and is about tracking down and taking out invading aliens who have mutated the LAPD and kidnap the Earth’s women. Naturally, Duke has a problem with this.

If that’s not enough, GOG is also putting 474 DRM-free games on sale, including Ultima VII for $3, The Witcher 2 for $12, Puddle for $5, Street Fighter Alpha 2 for $3, Alan Wake for $15, the awesome Psychonauts for $5 (seriously, you have no excuse for not having played that one), the Bullfrog Favourites pack — 8 games for $12, expiring Thursday morning — and Trine for $5.

GOG, short for “Good Old Games,” is all about delivering “classic” DRM-free games for Windows and Mac users, starting to sell more recent titles – like Alan Wake and The Witcher 2 – in the past year or so.

GOG says they plan on adding more deals daily, so you may want to bookmark that link.

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