DuckTales: Remastered Gets Different Release Dates

Duck Tales: Remastered now has release dates! This Nintendo classic doesn’t have one launch date, but several!

The first release date we have for Duck Tales: Remastered is August 13th. This is for the digital download release for the Nintendo eShop (Wii U), PC and the PlayStation Network. The second release date is more appealing to collectors and those who own a PS3. On August 20th, the PS3 boxed version will be released. This hard copy will retail at $19.99 and will come equipped with the code for the game an a exclusive Disney Duck Tales pin. Those who wish to play Duck Tales: Remastered on XBLA will have to wait until September 11th. The digital copies will retail for $14.99. All release dates are for North America only.

For Europe, the release dates go like this:

August 13: PC

August 14: PSN

August 15: Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

September 11th: XBLA

It seems August is the month for Duck Tales: Remastered, unless you have a XB360.

Take a look at the Duck Tales: Remastered Duckumentary and go behind the scenes of the game.

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