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  • lildevilgurl152004

    I’m collecting original golden oldies. I’m still in love with my Nes and Snes consoles, i have Super Mario 1,2&3, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, A boy And His Blob, Track And Field and Airwolf for the Nes. What other NES or SNES games would you recommend me getting? What were truely the best out there? P.S I have too many SNES games to list here.
    O.k now i can be bothered to list my SNES games… Yoshi’s Island, Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Home Alone, Super Mario: Allstars, Starwing, TwinBee, Mortal Kombat 2, Donkey Kong Country 1,2 and 3, and Mickey Mouse’s Great Circus Adventure.

  • Nathan B

    A long time ago I remember I had a trans. potion and I didn’t know what it did so I used it and it turned my pet mutant! (of course) Anyway, I really didn’t like it so I put it up for adoption. My question is what was it? It was light brown in color and it was a massive blob thing with random hairs sticking out. I thought it might’ve been a Chia but they look nothing like that now unless they were changed into what they look like now. Does anyone have any idea what it could’ve been? And if someone find a pic I would reallllyyyy like that. Thanks!

  • Taylor2k

    This is what I saw from the TV show X-Men: Evolution.

    Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants:
    (Another guy who I cannnot recognise.)

    Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants:
    (Another guy who I cannot recognise. He wears a dome shaped thing over his head, and can shoot green stuff, kind of like Jean Grey.)

    However, apparently it is different in the comics.

    Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants
    Scarlet Witch

    Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants

    Which is correct?

  • Anny

    Ok so you have anyquestions about xmen origins heres my theory is kina long but its worth it trust me

    So turns out wolverine and Victor are brothers as kidz and wolverine accidently kills his real father so wolverine and victor run away and go into all kindz of wars of our past like vietnam etc etc..but victor starts to really get into killng humans even his own soilder comrads and they both go to military prison then magneto shows up gives them the chance to get out of prison and work for them so he gets all these mutans to kill and help him fing this black metal material that is suppost to be very strong and stuff so wolverine no longer wants part in magnetos plans to find this metal minerals so he leaves the crew and his brother victor stays so time goes by wolverine is now a lumberjack and lives in a lil house in the mountain with his wife turns out his brother goes crazy looking for the other members of magnetos crew (i guess they all split up) and killz them (as it appears) he finds wolverines wife and kills her so now wolverine is full of hate and wants revenge on his brother so magneto finds him again and tells him he has found the strong metal he has been looking for and asks wolverine to volunteer on this experiment he is working on then he can show him were victor is well thats when magneto gives him the metal skeleton so magneto tries to take advantage of wolverine because he is uncousios and he trys to erase wolverines memory so magneto can use him to his benefit so wolverine smells something is bad and brakes free so then he finds some of his old crew members and helps him get to victor along the way he finds gambit,blob etc etc but most of them get killed by victor so gambit helps wolverine get to magnetos secret island were he is doing all this experiments on mutans and turns out that the other crew memebers were killed but victor is working for magneto and he takes the bodys to magneto wich at this time magneto is working to combine all his powers to build the greates weapon (i guess for himself) so wolverine finds magneto turns out his wife was not killed she worked for magneto too she has the power of seduction and she seducted wolverine so that magneto kept him around so then wolverine sees victor and realizes he works for magneto and he starts to get all mad and confused because he really love his wife but it was all a fake so he puts all this anger and walks away (i guess thats why he is so miserable and angry) so turns out wolverines ex wife did wat she did to get her sister back from magneto ( her sister has diamond strong skin) so magneto does not hold his end of the deal so she feels really guilty for wat she did to wolverine she walkaway screaming at victor “HE IS JUST USING US” victor being the beast he is does not listen and attacks her wolvering hears her scream and runs back to the lab and finds victor choking the girl wolvering and victor start fighting (the reason victor hates his younger brother wolverine is because magneto cant apply the same metal skeleton because victors body wouldnt be able to stand the pain and could die so he is jealous of wolverine) so wolverine of course kicks victors ass and his wife apologizes and asks him to help her find her sister with the diamond skin witch is awesome cuz her skin turns into real diamond sking and is shinny so they find her and he frees all of the other mutans and magneto or stricker had been working on a mutan with the swords i forgot his name and he makes his body way stronger than wolverines like as soon as you stab him he heals instantly and the swords come out of his hand similar to wolverines but one big sword so they start fighting (he looks like a deformed inbread mutant with no mouth) meanwhile the other mutans wich are still kidz like teenagers are fighting some guys with guns and thats when cyclops first appears as a teenager anyways wolverine and (lets call him weapon 11) are stil fighting and he has multiple powers he can teletransport himself so then he stabs wolverine in the back with both swords and wolverine cant heal fast as he can (by the way weapon 11 is human but can be controlled thru a computer wich magneto is controlling he is about to chop wolverines head of when victor shows up and pushes weapon 11 out of the edge of a building along with wolverine but victor catches him and wolverine is like hanging from the building victor picks him back up but then weapon 11 teletransports himself back up and both are fighting agains him turns out he has cylops power too and can re-lease beams out of his eyes as victor distracts him wolveringe quickly chops his head off and throws him out the building so thats the end of him victor and wolverine are still not cool but victor tells him im still your brother and wonders off logan jumps of the builidn because is colpasing and a giant pieace of concret is about to fall on him when gambit swings into action and brakes the concrete wall in half and he leaves to save

  • Jeff

    So just copy and paste this list to your answer and write a number next to the name. Thanks. If you don’t know who a character is just write NA or leave it out. Rate them on their powers/personality.


    Professor X (Charles Xavier)
    Wolverine (“Logan”)
    Storm (Ororo Munroe)
    Beast (Hank McCoy)


    Cyclops (Scott Summers)
    Jean Grey
    Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
    Shadowcat (Katherine “Kitty” Pryde)
    Rogue (Anna Marie)
    Spyke (Evan Daniels)

    New Mutants

    Iceman (Bobby Drake)
    Cannonball (Sam Guthrie)
    Magma (Amara Juliana Olivia Aquilla)
    Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)
    Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)
    Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)
    Berzerker (Ray Crisp)
    Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa)

    The Brotherhood

    Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
    Avalanche (Lance Alvers)
    Blob (Fred Dukes)
    Toad (Todd Tolansky)
    Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
    Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

    Magneto’s Acolytes

    Magneto (Erik Magnus Lehnsherr)
    Gambit (Remy LeBeau)
    Sabretooth (Victor Creed)
    Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)
    Pyro (John Allerdyce)
    Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde)

    Neutral Mutants

    Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith),
    Angel (Warren Worthington),
    Havok (Alex Masters/Summers), Cyclops’ brother,
    Danielle Moonstar,
    Destiny (Irene Adler),
    Dorian Leach

    The Morlocks:

    Other Villains

    Juggernaut (Cain Marko)
    Legion (David Haller/Lucas/Ian)
    Bolivar Trask,
    The Sentinel
    Edward Kelly
    Duncan Matthews


    Omega Red

    Miscellaneous Characters

    Amanda Sefton,
    Gabrielle Haller
    Taryn Fujioka
    Captain America,
    Risty Wilde,
    Nick Fury
    Agatha Harkness,
    Dr. Deborah Risman,

  • nick s

    I got a PSN card today for $20 mainly to buy mutant blobs attack for vita. That was only 8, so i have 12 left over. What is the most fun psn or ps vita game for 12 or under that I could download?

  • alberto s

    does anyone else fel that stephanie meyer’s vampires powers are very similar to mutant powers?

    edward’s mind reading like jean or professor x
    alice’s future veiwing like destiny
    the werewolves healing and aggression like woverine and sabertooth
    emmets strength like blob
    benjamin’s nature abilities like combo of avalanche and magma

  • maskills24

    Im referring to the enemy of the x-men.
    The blob is one of the enemies from the comcs and the old Televiosion show. he wasn’t in the movies. he’s usually with Pyro, and Mystique

  • Shay H

    1. Is his mutant name is The Blob, why did he get mad when Wolverine called him that?
    2. In the beginning of the movie, when Wolverine & his brother joined that general’s group, The Blob was there, only he was skinny. (He had a tattoo of this girl on his arm and he said he loved her.) Well, why was he in the chopper? He didn’t have any super powers at that time, did he? He wasn’t fat yet, so he didn’t have any super strength or his own gravitational pull. Soo, why was he there?!?! Or am I wrong & he had another power 1st? If so what is it? Thanksx.