Watch: Dreamy Puzzler The Gardens Between Announced

Development team The Voxels Agents have specialized in mostly mobile games so far, like the chaotic Train Conductor World and the not so chaotic Puzzle Retreat. Having started in 2009, the team has seen some success, receiving awards for Best Mobile Game and Best Game Audio, among others. With the announcement of their latest game, The Gardens Between, the Melbourne-based team is branching out into the PC market with their first narrative-driven game.

While the trailer for The Gardens Between is limited on information, the game appears to be a dreamy adventure puzzle game with some fun time travel mechanics. Most noticeably, the art style is absolutely stunning, sitting somewhere in between Oxenfree and The Witness. The game’s narrative  takes place around “best friends Arina, a headstrong girl, and Frendt, a boy wise beyond his years.” The two experience “a bittersweet story of friendship where the forwards and backwards traversal of time makes cause and effect malleable,” which sounds good to us. Hopefully, we’re looking at one of the next indie sleeper hits of 2017. Keep tuned for more info on The Gardens Between, due out late 2017 on PC and Mac.

It’s always difficult to tell how a game is going to pan out based off of a 1-minute video, but it is nice to see such a rise in indies and narrative-driven games, as well as developers stretching their legs and trying different things. We’re definitely adding this to our list of games to keep an eye on, and hopefully, we’re looking at one of the next indie sleeper hits of 2017. The Gardens Between is due out late 2017 on PC and Mac. You can keep up on the game by subscribing to their email list here or follow the Tumblr for one of the game’s writers, Brooke Maggs, for a glimpse into the development of The Gardens Between.

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