Dragon Quest 1-8 Coming to iOS and Android in Japan

Square Enix has announced on its official Japanese website that Dragon Quest I-VIII will soon be ported to iOS and Android in Japan. The original Dragon Quest was released in Japan for the NES/Famicon in 1986 and is regarded today as one of the most influential ancestors of the Japanese RPG genre. It was later shipped as Dragon Warrior in North America. Take a look at the official Square Enix page (in Japanese) here.

Also mentioned by Square Enix is a game called Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, which looks to be a title specifically made for tablets and phones. Super Light is being developed by Cygames, the studio behind the popular iOS/Android collectible card game, Rage of Bahamut. No further information was revealed.

Given that Square Enix has gradually been re-releasing its classic Final Fantasy titles for iOS and Android in both Japan and North America, there is no reason to believe English-speakers won’t get their hands on Dragon Quest I-VIII ports in the coming years. Stay tuned for more developments.

(Source: TouchArcade via Eurogamer)

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