Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Screenshots

Finally! Finally finally finally, it seems the Dragon Ball Z games are back on the right track again. I can’t even begin to describe that abomination that was created for the last two years. I mean seriously, how hard is it to go back in the series and select the two best games you had and simply port them over for I don’t know, say $45? Anyway it seems this new entry to the franchise is following the Tenkaichi route, which means players can expect destructible environments and large open plains.

There are even some elements from the Budokai series where players can fly around and find their objectives and I’m assuming look for dragon balls. I just hope that they improved the flying mechanics and made it faster, nothing sucked more than being a super sayian and traveling at the same speed as piccolo.  Something to take note of should I receive the game for review. I do know that they have implemented a character creation area,  but I highly doubt you could call it character creation when they all resemble Dragon Ball Z characters. That to me is a slap in the face, and If I get the game for review I will not go into that area of the game until they have gotten a grasp on what character creation really is.


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