Dragon Age: Inquisition Co-op Dungeon Crawler Multiplayer Announced

Bioware has announced Dragon Age: Inquisition will include a fully featured four player cooperative dungeon crawler multiplayer.

Following the success of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer Bioware has decided to add a full multiplayer component to Dragon Age: Inquisition that is completely separate from the games single player. This is no mere afterthought to add a certain amount of replay value. Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer has been in development for over two years. It was done side by side with the single player, and was often used to test combat, creatures, and encounter design. This mode will have no connection with the single player story.

Behemoth_01_WM_webDragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer will be an action pack dungeon crawler that will have you doing different quest with up to three other people. These quest will require strategic team gameplay, and will allow you to find and collect various loot. The loot will be dished out in-game via gold coins and items. after you finish a mission you can use those gold coins you collected to buy chest that will include a plethora of different items such as weapons, weapon mods, potions, runes, and armor. There will be an option to buy money in-game using real money, but Bioware promises there will be no pay wall and that everything can be unlocked without the need to buy anything. Bioware has also confirmed there will no in-game trading system to switch items with other friends.

While you may not be able to trade items you can always salvage any item to craft all sorts of weapons and armor using the games extensive crafting system. Bioware has confirmed that they will have twelve playable characters at launch which includes four of each type (warrior, rogue, and mage). However, they do plan to release more characters following the game’s launch.

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The multiplayer in Dragon Age: Inquisition is shaping up quite nicely. It is looking like we may have something special to play after that already huge single player. Making this entire package look even that much more appealing. Dragon Age: Inquisition will launch November 18th. You can check out the new multiplayer gameplay trailer below.





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