Dragon Age 2 Demo is Live

At midnight I went to see if the Dragon Age 2 demo was available for download. Unfortunately it wasn’t ready and I cursed the west coast for being behind.

Once I woke up this morning, I was happy to see that Dragon Age 2 was added to the list of games ready to be demoed and ready to tease.

I wasn’t planning on playing the demo since I know I’m getting the game in March, but temptation got the better of me.

After the 1.98 gig download, I was ready to try it out on my XB360.

First up is to choose your class and gender. You can either be a mage, rouge or warrior. For me, it’s always female warrior. After the first play through, I’ll choose another class but I always start out as a warrior.

Since this is just a demo, I didn’t want to put too much time into creating Hawke’s appearance. I love this feature in games and I could be here for hours if I wanted to, especially with how much detail you can play around with. Besides, in the demo there’s a nice little note in red letters at the bottom saying, “Appearance modifications has been disabled for this demo.”

There are a lot of features that are locked out of the demo and even though you do get a feel of how Dragon Age 2 will play, it’s a shame that a lot of it won’t be available until launch.

Having been playing Dragon Age: Origins on PC recently, it was a bit odd trying to get the feel for playing DA2 on the console. Thankfully that awkwardness didn’t last long and in no time I was having fun cutting down dark spawn. I started to get the feeling of playing Dynasty Warriors since I was only hitting one button, especially with a horde of dark spawn around me. As you fight more in the demo, more actions become available to pick from, however.

The conversation wheel has been tweaked. Now you can see which speech will be good, sarcastic or mean. You’re still able to switch between characters by pressing either bumper button.

The demo itself is short and sweet and you can tell a lot of scenes are cut from it. It’s to give the player a taste of what’s to come on the 8th of March.

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