Doom's Gameplay Revealed at QuakeCon 2014

Today at QuakeCon, Id Software revealed gameplay footage for Doom. 

Since E3 2014, Id Software has kept gamers in limbo and teased us about the next installment to the franchise. The new title is called Doom, just Doom, nothing else other than Doom.

The game is way over due and was teased back at QuakeCon 2007 by John Carmack, Id Software’s co-founder. According to IGN, these are some of the perks and information about Doom that was shared during the 20 minute video at QuakeCon:

  • Fast-paced combat against multiple enemies at once.
  • Set outside a massive UAC research facility on Mars as it’s being invaded by the forces of Hell.
  • Hellknights, cyberdemons, revenants, mancubii, and other classic monsters were spotted throughout the demo.
  • Classic Doom weapons, including the fan-favorite double-barrell shotgun return. Plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the good old chainsaw were also shown off.
  • Go fast. “Doom is not about about taking cover” said executive producer Marty Stratton.
  • Doom is powered by IdTech 6, and will be for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. They are “committed” to 1080P at 60 frames-per-second.
  • Wonderfully gory close range executions, including special ones for dropping down on enemies from above.
  • Revenants now have jetpacks and can hover about while firing rockets at you.
  • At least one weapon, the combat shotgun, has an alternate fire mode, which allows you to charge up and release multiple shells in rapid succession.
  • Sprinting, double-jumping and mantling are all possible, making for very fluid motion during combat.
  • Enemies can teleport in for old-school style ambushes
  • Dying results in a crazy fatality scene depending on what killed you a la Dead Space. Revenants rip your arms off and punch straight through your combat helment.
  • Old school mechanics. No reloading your clip, hold as many weapons as you want, health and ammo pick-ups etc. NO REGENERATING HEALTH.

Check out the teaser trailer that Id Software showed at E3 2014, in case you missed it! Enjoy!


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