Dojo Madness now available on iOS and Android

Dojo Madness is now available for all iOS and Android devices for free. In it, your character (a ninja raccoon) stands in the center of a ring and must protect his dojo from enemy invaders. Armed with a staff and a variety of special moves, endure for as long as you can. The longer you can chain attacks, the better your score and rewards will be. The game features full 3D graphics as well as Feint integration and leaderboards.

I downloaded the game onto my Droid X. I thought the game was pretty fun. The visuals are very solid and the gameplay has a good idea behind it. However, controls seems a bit sluggish and I found myself taking damage without being sure why. I also couldn’t get above an F rating. But for a free game, it’s a fun and sound idea. Dojo Madness is available on the Android and iOS Marketplaces.

Source: N3V Games