Dishonored 2 Update Brings New Game Plus

Attention Dunwall citizens, more Dishonored 2 content is on its way. In an official press release, publisher Bethesda has announced a patch will be released sometime next month for Arkane Studios’ supernatural stealth-action adventure. This isn’t just to fix bugs or glitches however – this update is going to include some new options and features.

The first big feature announced – if you haven’t read the title for some odd reason – is New Game Plus. The ability to simply start the entire game over again with all of your weapon modifications, armor upgrades, otherworldly superpowers and bonecharms completely intact, all to help you face off against the major threats of the main adventure all over again.

Overall, the addition fits Arkane’s work. The greatest selling point of this series is its elegant approach to open-ended choice when it comes to a character’s play style. Sneaking around, becoming a human whirlwind of death, utilizing gadgets and subterfuge, or unleashing ghastly abilities like creating murderous doubles or summoning swarms of man-eating rats are all viable decisions in these games. The addition of New Game Plus, if handled correctly in terms of difficulty, would be an absolute boon to the already robust new installment of Dishonored 2.

There is some speculation over another feature being added: Custom Difficulty settings. Bethesda are currently mum as to what these settings entail, however if they take notes from the customized settings found in Eidos Montreal‘s ultimately underwhelming Thief reboot, it should be an update worth the wait.

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