Destiny Announced For PlayStation 4

Earlier this week, Bungie and Activision officially announced their next title, Destiny, to the world and that it would ship out for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Today, Bungie’s co-founder, Jason Jones, shared a small message with PlayStation fans around the world.

Destiny is being developed for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4, with both versions available at Destiny’s launch.

For the first time in the companies history, they’re bringing along the PlayStation family into their clique.  If you’ve been one of the many fans on watching every tid-bit of news and late to the party, Bungie welcomes you. If you’ve been watching this hopeful star shine, Bungie thanks you for sticking around. With great anticipation and extreme excitement about these early glimpses of Destiny, I hope you’re all just as crazy about it already as I am.

As the months continue on, as we travel outwards into space – whether together or not, more information is coming.

As Bungie would say, “We’re just getting started.”

Shout out to DeeJ , Bungie’s Community Manager, for giving us the lovely information straight off of Bungie’s site.

If you’re excited about Destiny and want to know more information on it. Visit Destiny’s official site here – .

Don’t forget to follow Bungie on twitter @Bungie for more information on their latest project as it’s released.

And make sure to follow me on twitter @TGF_KingNis as I continue to bring you the latest news on Destiny!

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