Defy Destiny with Disney Pixar’s Brave: The Video Game

Pixar Animation, creator of Academy Award-winning films such as “The Incredibles” and “WALL-E”, have announced the development of an upcoming game title inspired by the animation studio’s latest motion picture.

Brave: The Video Game will be coming to PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox, Windows PC/Mac, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS systems this summer, as announced by Disney Interactive Media Group.

The third-person action adventure game, based on a Scotland-set story of a heroine’s journey to undo the damage caused by her rebellion against royalty, launches in line with Disney Pixar’s account of courageousness and non-conformity.

The tale’s protagonist is Merida, daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Set on paving her life’s path against the traditions upheld by Lords MacGuffin, Macintosh, and Dingwall, the skilled archer resorts to an unconventional Witch to remedy the repercussions of her decisions. A resulting curse from their bargain requires Merida to cumulate her skills and resources to defend the kingdom and define the true meaning of “brave.”

Coming to consoles and handhelds in conjunction with the June 22 release of “Brave”, the game takes the story beyond the borders of the big screen and allows players to tread Scotland’s historical and mythical terrain, armed with a bow and sword to overcome several maleficent foes. Other memorable characters of the film are available for players to embody as secrets are uncovered and puzzles are unsolved in the quest to rectify a resolution gone wrong. Brave: The Video Game also offers a variety of gameplay modes aside from single-player, including co-op and an exclusive “Bear mode” that allows players to take on the form of a bear. Similar missions will be made available to those on the go via the Nintendo DS.

Javier Ferreira, Senior Vice President of Publishing for Disney Interactive Media Group, embraces the opportunity for fans to experience the adventure through its interactive platform.

[quote]“We’re excited to offer a compelling game across multiple platforms for fans of the upcoming Disney Pixar film ‘Brave. Whether gamers want to play on their own or with others, the can relive highlights from Merida’s journey and go on new adventures inspired by the legends of Scotland and Disney Pixar storytelling.”[/quote]

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