December 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus

The year is nearly coming to an end, and the holidays are already here. So, enjoy these free games coming up in December that were revealed for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

PlayStation Plus - Stories: The Path of Destinies

First on the list for PlayStation Plus, we have Stories: The Path of Destinies for the PS4. A game developed and published by Spearhead Games, the player controls a fox named Reynardo with humanlike traits. He is a part of a resistance that fights against a tyrannical Emperor. Set in a third-person perspective, the player adventures off to use attack combinations to defeat the enemies. The objective is to upgrade Reynardo’s skills and weaponry to help him fight his foes for that best ending possible. Do you enjoy kicking butt in a unique style? Then check this game out!

Platform: PlayStation 4

Invisible, Inc.

PlayStation Plus - Invisible, Inc.

Next, we have is Invisible, Inc.. Developed and published by Klei Entertainment, this is a turn-based tactical game that includes the player having to maneuver through stages as stealthy as possible. As a secluded off operator a part of a secret agency, the objective is to guide the agents through undercover missions to obtain resources and support. While doing so, the player must also ensure the safety of their computer system as well. If you enjoy secrecy and going undercover, try out Invisible Inc.!

Platform: PlayStation 4

Hyper Void

PlayStation Plus - Hyper Void

Moving along, we have Hyper Void. Developed and published by IN|Framez Technology, this is a 3D shooter going back to its arcade style roots. The player pilots RM-24, a space craft blasting away other hostile races’ space crafts. As you take off from one of the defense grids, come to find out that the hostility is brought upon encountering an organic virus. This virus is capable of infecting other non-hostile space crafts turned into combat. The objective is to defeat the wormhole that the virus is coming from. Do you enjoy arcade shooters? Check out Hyper Void!

Platform: PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, PS Vita

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops

PlayStation Plus - Tiny Troopers Joint Ops

As we move to the next game, we have Tiny Troopers Joint Ops. Developed by Wired Productions and Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, this game is an action-packed shooter that may interest you. The player controls tiny troops that is used to battling enemies all over the world on various maps. The player can also customize the troops as well. The objective is to collect items, special weapons and gain other troops to expand your army to lead you to victory. Do you enjoy army building games to deploy into battle? Try this game out!

Platform: PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, PS Vita

Color Guardians

PlayStation Plus - Color Guardians

Next up, we have Color Guardians. Needing something a little more fast-paced? Developed and published by Fair Play Labs, this is a 2D side-scroll game you want to check out. This game is as hectic as it can get with the player having to multitask. The objective is to switch colors matching what’s on the stage as well as collecting items. It gets harder every time the player advances. Check this game out if this is for you!

Platform: PlayStation 4, PS Vita


Lastly, to wrap up December’s free games, we have VVVVVV. Developed and Publish by Nicalis, this 2D side-scrolling game was originally released for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The player controls Captain Viridian, which you have to help evacuate him and the captain’s crew. By only using minimal buttons to guide Captain Viridian, this is another game that can give you a challenge. Accompanied by a great soundtrack, if you’re up for the test, this is the game for you!

Platform: PS Vita

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