Deadpool's guest stars now include Rogue

Deadpools rogue gallery has now expanded to included, well, Rogue. Although personally, it’s a bit of a head scratcher, as I’m unable to recall any Rogue/Deadpool storylines. I really can’t think of any. Rogue joins Domino, Wolverine, Cable and Psylocke in guest starring in Deadpool, due out next week.

I really can’t recall any interactions between Rogue and Deadpool. He wasn’t involved in X-Men Legacy, she wasn’t part of his solo series. It really seems like just an excuse to get another attractive X-Woman in the game. And given their new costumes, I’m not so sure that’s far from the truth. Cable makes sense, given they shared a book. Domino was involved in that as well. Wolverine and Psylocke were Deadpool’s teammates in Uncanny X-Force. But Rogue? Dunno. Why not, Fantomex, Agent X, Taskmaster, Outlaw, Sandi or Bob? That’s who I want to see. Bob, Agent of Hydra. Put him in the game, that’d turn some heads.




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