Dead Island Provides DLC Worth Buying

  • Jokerzwild

    I don’t know, unless I hear about more fixes I can’t see myself playing again anytime soon. My game got a corrupt file about 80% done, I can”t believe they had a single file save on a open world game. Even before that that I was struggling to stay involved with the story when I had to spend 60-70% of my time either maintaining my weapons or back tracking to find a bench halfway through a mission because all my weapons were shot.

  • Noemi Madero

    I not too long ago put in some downloadable content for Battlefield: Bad Company, but I was not pleased with it, and I would genuinely like to free of charge up that five hundred mb (approx.) Any Person have any Ideas on how to uninstall that dlc, but preserve almost everything else?

  • Stevalicious

    I know it’s possible, but how and where do I get the downloadable content for guitar hero3 for wii?

  • Harriet W

    I don’t know many people on xbox live and would like to play Fable 3 with other players. However, all the orbs that I see, when I try to join their game or they try to join mine we have different downloadable content and it won’t allow us to join each others game. Is there any either way to find people? The only downloadable content I have is the free yule hat, the free soldier outfit and the free weapons.

  • shahedC

    Im looking for a new zombie game and after a little research iv heard that Dead island is good but id like to hear it compared to some other games, maybe like resident evil,dead space, COD zombies, etc.

  • Bryan J

    I want them both of them but i can only get one for now. Should i get dead island or wait for rage?

  • Disrae

    I started Dead Island without an active Gold membership and now I want play with other people and don’t want to start over. Is there a way to change the setting without losing my character?

  • Erfan

    so i got dead island and i just reinstalled it after the patch. i played for about 20 min and then my screen goes out completely and the fan in my computer gets super loud. the largest fan that i have in my computer is the one on my nvidia GTX 460 graphics card so im guessing maybe thats the issue? i have a quad core 2.4ghz processor and 8gb of ram. any suggestions?

  • Cole

    I have already tried the Dead Island mod tool 1.9 but it didn’t work. I am using Logan if that matters.
    I need to lower my level because I want the skill points but I want to be level 2.

  • MentallyCryppled

    The character is called Logan & is from Dead Island on PS3. There is a tribal type tattoo on his left arm & I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can get this design? Thanks.

  • Mark M

    I got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for XBOX 360, and it says XBOX Live at the top right of the game. Is it playable on Live, or is it Downloadable content?

  • Zanto

    I have the special edition version of dead island with the codes but i don’t know how to get the content, and can’t find it in the marketplace
    do you have to get certain achievements or is it just not available yet?

  • Matthew S

    I play dead island on the ps3 and I have a headset to talk to other people but they cant hear me. I can hear them just fine though. It works with other games just fine but not with dead island.

  • Caltel T

    The new dead island game coming out in 2013 , what will it be about?

  • Pacman

    Really considering buying dead island, i would go out to the shop to buy it but i cant be arsed lol.
    How big of a download is it from steam?
    In the info is says this

    Hard Drive: 7 GB available hard drive space

    Surely the game isnt 7GB is it?

  • Taylor2k

    Dead Island is in a different setting, is in first person, has fast zombies, has coop, and foar characters