Day One Bonuses for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z in 2014

Originally announced this past June, in a pre Tokyo Game Show (TGS) showcase producer Kunio Hashimoto revealed some bonuses for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The pre-TGS showcase took place at Namco Bandai HQ in Shanigawa, Tokyo, where Hashimoto revealed that there will be some pre-order bonuses as well as day one bonuses for early adopters of the game this coming year.

Those who purchase the Day One edition of Dragon Ball Z:  Battle of Z will receive a limited edition code to download a special Naruto Uzumaki skin for Goku, which will change the way Goku runs and attacks to emulate Naruto Shippuden‘s fighting style, and Goku will also be sporting a headband.

For players who want to guarantee their Day One edition with a pre-order, there will also be one of two pre-order bonuses at participating retailers. The bonuses will include one of the following in-game characters: Super Vegito or Super Saiyan Bardock.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is scheduled for a release in early 2014 worldwide. Battle of Z will be hitting PS3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita.

It should be noted that in North America the Vita version of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will only be available to download through the PlayStation Store, and additionally, there will only be one of two selectable voice-over languages selectable. English in North America and Japanese in Europe. Both voice-over options are available for the console versions of the game.

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