Until Dawn Publisher Not Working on Sequel

Until Dawn trailer

Pete Samuels, the Managing Director of Supermassive Games, has ruled out a sequel to the well-received Until Dawn in favor of moving onto other projects. 

In an industry that relies as heavily as it does on sequels, established names, and franchises, it’s refreshing to hear that Supermassive Games is looking to the horizon for new projects. In an interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Samuels said, “There’s a lot of speculation about what we’re doing and what we’re working on right now…we’re not working on Until Dawn 2 at the moment. We’re working on other things.”

Having worked as support for in-house titles like Killzone and LittleBigPlanet, Supermassive Games has built a strong relationship with Sony. Despite this, Samuels also stated that the developer is interested in going multi-platform: “We have such a great relationship with Sony. We want to continue to work with Sony, and we are continuing to work with Sony on lots of things…there’s no concern or resentment or any bad feeling. They’re a really important publisher for us, and I hope and expect that they’ll continue to be that.”

Rush of Blood

Supermassive is currently working on Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – a PlayStation exclusive and VR experience. At the moment, there is no clear information on what their next projects are going to be, but Samuels indicated the kind of maneuvers the studio would likely make: “It seems that the next logical step for us now is to broaden that out into similar experiences, but with differences depending on the IP, the publisher, the platform, so on. That’s what we want, and that’s what we’re really focused on now…to take what we did with Until Dawn and push that even further.”

This sort of move is refreshing; surely it’s better to form a connection with artists behind a work, than the work itself? Rather than looking to play more of the same, the excitement of the unknown is tantalizing when a good studio is at the helm. Given the surprise success that Until Dawn has enjoyed since its release, Supermassive Games is likely one to watch for the future.

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