Crusader Kings III Sneaks Onto Xbox Gamepass on Release Day

crusader kings 3 promo image

Crusader Kings III is the newest grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive where players choose a medieval ruler and control them throughout history. Players can lead armies, send spies or assassins, arrange political marriages, scheme against family and foe alike, and conquer Europe. When the player’s character dies, they move on to play as their heir. It looks to be great fun controlling a dynasty and expanding its empire. The second game in the series, Crusader Kings II, is a favorite among many gamers. Crusader Kings III appears to more of the same with new mechanics and enhanced graphics.

In an excellent turn of events, Crusader Kings III is available on Xbox Gamepass for PC on release day. There is currently a promotion where new subscribers can get a month of Gamepass for $1. Returning subscribers pay $5, but regardless, those are fantastic prices to pay for a game that costs $50 normally. AAA games tend to not stay on Gamepass long, so check out Crusader Kings III before it goes away.

Image: Paradox Interactive

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