Crank Up The Volume with Spotify for Xbox One

Spotify app

Earlier this month there were reports that a Spotify app was in beta testing for Xbox One. Today the rumored app finally went live for Xbox One. The Spotify app now allows gamers to play music, and playlists from their Xbox One, including while in game.

The app, currently available for download via the Xbox store is available for both free and paid Spotify users. The Spotify app also includes a “Gaming” section, where a selection of playlists have been created. The playlists you can choose from range from “Epic Gaming” to “Power Gaming” to even a playlist created by Xbox’s Major Nelson.

One of the nicest features is the ability to control music without having to stop or pause your game. The Xbox app will work with the Spotify app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop by using Spotify Connect. For those that have not used the function, it allows you to pause, skip, and select new music from another device. The music is then streamed to your Xbox while still in game.

The Xbox has lagged far behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 which introduced a Spotify app back in 2015. This delay was mostly caused by Microsoft choosing to push its own music streaming service, Groove. If you, like many, just asked, “what the hell is Groove?” then perhaps that is why Microsoft allowed Spotify. Finally relenting and listening to users who have been clamoring for the popular Spotify for music streaming on the Xbox One.


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