Copperhead and Mad Hatter Revealed for Arkham Origins

Two more villains have been revealed for Batman: Arkham Origins, Copperhad, and Mad Hatter.


The Mad Hatter, aka Jervis Tetch, is an Alice in Wonderland obsessed technology genius/psycho. His levels will be akin to Scarecrow’s in the previous game. The other character, Copperhead, is a bit different. She’s a re-imaging of an old character, but updated. She looks to be very ninja-like, so expect lots of blocking, dodging and countering. With the addition of these two characters, Batman will certainty have his hands full.

One thing to remember about this game is that it’s a prequel. It takes place before Asylum. It will be interesting to see how a younger and less experienced Batman plays. He’ll have to be less adept and sure, and yet players have gone through two games of Batman at his best. Balance will be key.

Copperhead and Mad Hatter join Black Mask, Bane, Penguin, Deathstroke, Dead Shot and the Joker to take down The Bat this October. For more information on Copperhead and Mad Hatter, check out IGN’s Rewind Theater.

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