Conroy Back for Arkham Next

After a bout of confusion on the Twitterverse, Kevin Conroy will NOT be voicing Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins, but rather the previously unannounced following game. Roger Craig Smith will still voice Bruce Wayne in Origins. I was momentarily excited to have The Voice of Batman back, but apparently there’s always next time. Glad to see they’re look far ahead. Might want to make sure this one shapes up before setting all their eggs in one basket. I know the series has a spotless track records, but I know many fans are concerned by some of the changes. Only time will tell.

In other voice related news, Roger Craig Smith is confirmed as Batman and Troy Baker will be voicing the Joker. What happened to Mark ‘Arkham is in my name also I’m Luke Skywalker’ Hamill? Craig Smith’s credentials include Ezio Auditore, Chris Redfield and Captain America (in video games). Baker’s past roles include Kai Leng, Booker DeWitt and Snow. They definitely have very solid track records. Good to know the characters will be in capable, if not original, hands.

Stay tuned for all Batman: Arkham Origins news.