New Company Of Heroes 2 Screenshots and Info

The WWII era is pretty popular, eh? Even decades after that place in history, developers are still choosing to perfect the gritty warfare of the 1940s. THQ is building the next level of WWII grit with Company Of Heroes 2, a real time strategy game for the PC.

THQ will focus on realism, really nailing the gritty feel of warfare in Russian territory.

The New Essence Engine 2, in connection with the new ColdTech system, will pile on that immersive feel that is missing from the current offering of WWII titles.

The ColdTech enhancement will allow for visual wear on the battlefield via snow. Said snow will pile on and melt as the battle ensues making it impressive not just on a visual level, but on a gameplay level as well. As snow deepens on the terrain, soldiers will find if harder to maneuver through. Blizzards will also dynamically form and have detrimental impact on the human bodies should the players choose not to protect their battalion. Ice, too, plays a big role in the game. As the battle moves over ice, special attention needs to be paid to placement of troops and vehicles. Ice will break underneath units as grenades explode and the integrity of the thin ice starts to wear under heavy troops and armor. As you might expect, ice will break and the water below will swallow units whole. Then, over time, the water will freeze over again erasing any traces of life until the next encounter.

This is all really cool, especially for a genre that’s a bit dated. This kind of detail can change the perspective of games who would normally disregard the game.

Company Of Heroes 2 is scheduled to be released early 2013.

Catch some frostbitten screenshots of the game below.

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