Companions and Combat of Bound by Flame Revealed

With only one week left before the release of Bound by Flame, Spiders Studio’s new RPG for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC, we’ve got some new screenshots for you to get your mouths watering. 

The focus of these screen shots are going to be the game’s companions: various NPCs that will accompany the player throughout their adventure.

Assets in combat, companions are intended to be someone optional by the sound of it, but necessary tools if the players plan on tackling the game’s harder modes. You will have to carefully consider which companions they wish to bring, as synergy with the player’s own abilities will be a chief concern in forming an effective team. The varying combat styles the player can utilize are covered in the trailer below, as well as other facets of Bound by Flame’s combat system:

The first of the companions revealed is the young mage Sybil, who will fulfill a long distance back-up role, meaning she’ll likely spend a good bit of time healing you. Next up is Randval the warriors, a companion that excels at hand to hand combat serving as a formidable distraction for your enemies. Rhelmar the elf plays a traditional archer role, contributing ranged damage along your adventure. Likewise, the witch Edwen also provides ranged damage, this time magical, as well as certain abilities to disrupt your opponents (such as mind control). Lastly there is Mathras the undead. A melee fighter like Randval, Mathras will focusing on dealing damage instead of taking it and is also capable of disrupting enemies.

The companions of Bound by Flame promise to not be just mechanical contributors, but also narrative ones. Each with their own reason for fighting, the relationship between the different companions and the player will evolve throughout the course of the game.

Bound by Flame is almost here, releasing on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC on May 9th, 2014.


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