The Comic Fanatic: Week of June 13: Avengers Vs X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, American Vampire, Invincible

Welcome back, True Believers! Got some great comics this week. Some really awesome ones. Uncanny X-Force, Invincible, and American Vampire. And of course, our usual Avengers VS X-Men tie-ins.

First up, Avengers VS X-Men VERSUS #3. This one features fights between Black Widow and Magik, and Colossus and the Thing. After the first two issues, I’d mostly resigned this run to mediocre, but this one was a lot of fun. The fights were interesting, and the combatants were pretty evenly matched. Crazy sorceress VS crazy spy. Unstoppable force VS unstoppable force. These fights were fun to read, and thanks goes partially to Christopher Yost (X-Force, X-23), one of my favorite writers ever, who wrote the Widow VS Magik fight. That one was more fun than I had anticipated. As far as Colossus VS the Thing, just picture two trains ramming each other at full speed. I know Mike over at Galactic Greg’s has been anticipating this fight, and I hope he’s not disappointed. I wasn’t. The next issue looks to be pretty solid as well, with Daredevil VS Psylocke. Two of my favorite characters, both ninjas. Should be fun, we’ll see.

We also have X-Men Legacy #268 and Avengers #27. Legacy focuses on Frenzy in Africa after Phoenix-possessed Cyclops attacked it. Avengers continues the story of Noh-Var’s betrayal of the team. Both are solid issues, and it’s tie-ins like these that have made me rethink my opinion on Avengers VS X-Men. If you only read the main story, it’s not bad. Not great, but not bad. However, if you read them chronologically, several at a time, it’s a pretty good story, and definitely fun. One problem we have currently, is that we get little chunks each week, and it really feels like a story that needs to be read in bulk. I am very much looking forward to reading the complete story, start to finish in a few months.

Uncanny X-Force #26 is part two of the current Final Execution arc. The team is scattered, and there is a new group of enemies gunning for the X-Force. They are no longer the hunters, they are being hunted. Finally, their victims are coming for them, as foreshadowed in an early issue. This is a really intense issue, and I have a feeling that the story is just getting started. Hopefully this won’t be the final arc, but if it is, it looks to go out with a bang. As always, buy Uncanny X-Force.

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmare #1 is the start of a new story featuring Felicia Book, as she teams up with the Vassals against the most dangerous vampire the world has seen. You know who he is. All I should have to say is that it’s more American Vampire, and that you should get it. It is a standalone series, so if you’re not reading Vampire, A) Why not?, B) You should be ok. Fans of the main series will pick up on a few things, but it’s by no means necessary (except that you SHOULD be reading it already). Lord of Nightmare continues everything we love about American Vampire. It’s got great characters, great art, and set up what looks to be a very exciting story.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Invincible #92. I’m starting to sound like a record player at this point, but you need to read Invincible. Seriously. This issue continues the stand of excellence the series is known for. Most excitingly, we finally find out what happened to Rex (Robot) and Monster Girl in the alternate dimension. It is definitely a wow moment. Don’t miss this.

So many good ones this week. Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like. Until next week!


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