Comic-Con 2012 | Legendary Comics' The Tower Chronicles Art by Alex Ross

Legendary Comics is convinced that the world is in need for a perfectly written and illustrated comic trilogy. THE TOWER CHRONICLES is the product that they’ve come up with and the cover art has been revealed for the second book in the trilogy.

While Jimmy Lee was responsible for the cover art for the first book, Legendary Comics promised that equally prestiges illustrators would handle the cover art in the volumes.

At its comic panel, Legendary Comics revealed the art for the second part of Volume One.

John Tower in Action, THE TOWER CHRONICLES

The character was created by Legendary founder, Executive Producer of 300 and The Dark Knight, Thomas Tull. As for the comic itself, it takes a unique look on the Bounty Hunter storyline.

Keep an eye out for more information on THE TOWER CHRONICLES and more from Legendary Comics. THE TOWER CHRONICLES is set to debut this September.

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