Game Fanatics Event! | Codename: G.A.M.E. – Connecting Minorities to Careers in Gaming & Technology

United We Game, Inc, a nonprofit organization by The Game Fanatics, has teamed up with fellow Houston nonprofit organization, The Hive Society to host a free event for minority Middle Schoolers at the Microsoft Store in the Houston Galleria.

Codename: G.A.M.E. (Games Advancing Minority Excellence) is open to minority middle school students, ages 11-14, and will feature a panel of fellow minorities, sharing their knowledge and experience in the gaming and technology industries.

Codename: G.A.M.E. will be held November 1st, 2014 at the Microsoft Store in the Houston Galleria. Along with the panel, there will be a documentary to inform all attendees on the gaming and technology industries as well as free game play stations.

In 2005, White Americans made up 85 percent of game development workers. Asians trailed with 7.5 percent while while Hispanics were 2.5 percent and African-Americans were just 2 percent. Due to this lack of diversity there are less racially diverse characters in games we play. Forcing racial stereotypes that allow minorities only to be represented as athletes or thugs.

Codename: GAME November 1st, 2014 from 9-12am
Codename: GAME November 1st, 2014 from 9-12am

For more information on Code name: G.A.M.E., please visit

Students can register for the event at:

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