Cliff Bleszinski’s Next Game Is Called Lawbreakers

Cliff Bleszinski has been tight-lipped on his newest game for a while now, but he has finally shed some light on Lawbreakers.

Love him or hate him, Cliff Bleszinski has brought us some cult classics when it comes to games. With his name on Gears Of War, Bulletstorm and Unreal Tournament, Cliffy B. can claim a pretty solid history when it comes to shooting stuff and making things blow up. Well, surprisingly his newest title, Lawbreakers, is an FPS in a similar style.  Cliffy B. is now heading up Boss Key Productions and is using this platform to bring us his newest shooter.

Lawbreakers is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter exclusively for PC. The game takes place in apocalyptic world of sorts, after a world-changing event known as “the shattering.” This “shattering” has altered the Earth’s gravitational pull forever, making the world presumably floaty like Halo. You, as the player, must choose a side after the world breaks out into a worldwide gang war. The violence encroaches on American soil and forces you to take a side.

Cliffy B. held a Twitch stream discussing Lawbreakers, and noted a few tools players will have access too. The player will have at their disposal grappling hooks, jet packs, and plenty of sci-fi gadgets and weaponry. You can follow the stream here for any future updates. As with any Cliffy B. title, there will be those who don’t enjoy his style, or his games. It looks to be that these people have already surfaced and voiced their opinions on Labreakers, to which Cliffy responded in the classiest way he could:

Time will tell what will come of this “Post-post apocalyptic” title and if Cliffy B can bring us something interesting, unique, and ultimately downright fun to play.

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