Clan of Champions Ditches 360, PSN Console Exclusive

Clan of Champions was planned as a mutli-platform game, but it has been announced that the 360 version is no longer on the way. That may be sad news for 360 owners, but the game is still coming along for the PS3.

In Clan of Champions players will get to choose from 3 different classes, Humans, Elves, and Orcs. You’ll be able to customize weapons, armor, spells, and so on. The main combat missions can be played alone or in 3-player co-op. In addition to single-player and co-op, players have access to fast-paced 3-vs-3 multiplayer.

Skills and weapons can be leveled up the more that they are used, like more traditional leveling up systems. What’s more, gear can be stripped from your player mid-game and enemies can take and use your own items against you.

The game is just about ready for primetime; Look for it later this Summer.

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