New Cinematic Trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters

  • silverr

    LOL! this is why I stick my my N64.

  • Elyn Patchman

    alright so i have the pc model of spore and im on creature stage so my species is migrating and my outdated nest was on shore and it flooded or some thing so my nest is half-way in drinking water and anytime i try out to go to land to migrate this giant sea monster arrive out of the drinking water and eats me then the screen states “dangerous creature lurk in the deep. dont stray to significantly from shore!” but it wont even allow me get on shore ive tryed swimming to various aspect of shore but it nonetheless eats me so im stuck in the water and there is no foods or anything at all and i cant get on land why is this happening and how can i get on shore with no getting eaten ive tryed doing the “raging roar” whilst i tryed to go on shore ive tryed do the “mating call” even though i tryed likely on shore ive tryed sprinting onto shore and ive tryed walking extremely very extremely extremely slowly onto shore but Every Single TIME I GET EATEN!!!! how can get on shore to migrate?

  • Sriram R

    For some reason i feel like somewhere in the deep ocean there s like Gigantic sea monsters like sea serpents. This seems kinda freaky to me!

    What about you guys?

  • krow147

    I had a silver filing last Tuesday and the Dentist said it was a deep cavity. I did not have any pain before the filing, but now I get a strong throbing pain periodically. I’m worried that I could have an infection, but I don’t want to go back unless this really is the case because I don’t currently have dental insurance.

  • Boo Cookie

    Its gonna be 0-0 both legs. With Chelsea winning on penalties 15-14. Thats how boring this game is gonna be.

  • clntvrrt

    The kind of trailer I mean is the cinematic clips they do that are NOT snippets of gameplay. For example the opening cinematic on World of Warcraft or Gears of War trailers. I just want to know what I would need to buy and the cost.

  • Keegan

    I’m looking for a HD 720-1080p trailer with NO website logos or watermarks. ( has watermarks.) The trailer I’m referring to is not the teaser trailer but instead the 4 minute E3 2010 Exclusive Betrayal Cinematic Trailer.

  • Spider Pc

    at the end of the cinematic, as you see a fleet of ships coming towards the planet, a song starts to play. what is the name of this song? it sounds like a very familiar star wars song.