CES 2020: Mobile Edge Debuts New Products For Gamers

Mobile Edge is a company that creates backpacks and laptop bags for any situation. They aim to create ways for everyone to travel with their technology stylishly and easily. For years the company has been creating travel solutions for companies like Alienware and Razr. There are also products available for everyone from a student-athlete to a CEO. During CES 2020, their focus was on the expansion of their line of bags geared towards gamers.

Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming line integrates everything that is needed for the gamer on the go into various types of bags. The award-winning Core Gaming backpacks that have been on the market for a while now are stylish and highly customizable. Things, like built-in USB ports, make charging your tech on the go extremely easy and ScanFast 3.0 makes getting through security checks a breeze. New to the Core Gaming line is the Rolling Console Bag, Messenger Bag, Mini Duffle, and Accessory Bag.  

All of the products listed include large laptop compartments that should fit the largest gaming laptop on the market. There are pockets for all the accessories that you can think of and room more additional laptops or tablets. What really makes core gaming unique is the ability to combine a lot of their products. If you take the new rolling console bag and one of the gaming backpacks, you should be set for a long weekend. Add in Core Gaming’s high capacity power banks and you can charge all of your tech anywhere you are. As stated before, the backpacks are wired both internally and externally. There are special compartments to place the power banks so that charging on the go doesn’t become a tangled mess of wires.

Mobile Edge is making a splash on the scene when it comes to traveling with your tech. There aren’t many companies that are putting this much thought into how gamers transport their very expensive items. They have a ton more items that you can check out HERE. Also, don’t forget that Mobile Edge makes a lot of products for both Alienware and Razr. This includes not only bags but apparel and other accessories. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into some of their products.

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