CES 2014 | Sony Announces PlayStation Now Streaming Service

When Sony bought the Gaikai streaming service, we all started anticipating a PS3 game streaming service for the PS4. What we’re apparently getting is something more. Sony executive Andrew House announced today that a new game streaming service called PlayStation Now will be going into a closed beta this month and officially rolling out sometime this summer.

House says the PlayStation Now service will allow you to stream games from the original PlayStation through PlayStation 3 to your PS4, PS Vita, tablet, Bravia TV, and “any device that connects to the service.” It’s an idea similar to what OnLive tried to do, but with most likely an exclusive focus on Sony first-party titles, with other titles likely to be available on the service over time as Sony gets permission to host them.

Unfortunately, your existing PlayStation Plus subscription won’t be enough, as House says you’ll need to pay an additional fee, either on a “per game rental” basis or a flat monthly fee. What that fee is hasn’t yet been announced.

So far, only two titles have been confirmed to work with the service: The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

We’ll have more details as they become available, so don’t forget to keep checking The Game Fanatics for the latest CES 2014 news!

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