CES 2014 | Live Smart with Razer's Nabu Smartband

If you’re familiar with Razer, then you know the company usually specializes in gaming gear such as tablets, gaming laptops, and other accessories.

But what they’re showing off at this week’s CES convention is unlike anything you’d expect: say hello to Nabu, Razer‘s first ever smartband.

Wearable technology is becoming a product of our generation (like the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and the Sony SmartWatch for example), and this type of technology is only going to advance. Nabu is not only a smartband, but a smart watch with fitness-related features, which is exactly why it’s being called a smartband… because it does more than your average smartwatch!

“It’s not a smartwatch … It’s not a fitness band. It’s what we’re calling a ‘smart band.” – CEO Min-Liang Tan [Razer]

The Nabu Smartband has two screens: a 32-pixel square display for notifications, and a larger 128 x 32  that will display e-mails, text messages, and other personal data. The screens are positioned on opposite sides of the band to protect the user’s privacy when reading texts or e-mails. In terms of fitness tracking, the band itself will document information such as calories burned, sleeping patterns, steps taken, and fitness activities, and has compatible iOS and Android apps, making fitness tracking easy for anyone with a smartphone.

While the Nabu Smartband isn’t very gamer-friendly in it’s current state, CEO Min-Liang explains that the smartband will be equipped with gaming features in the future, stating “real-world gamification is something we’re really focused on.” Since the Nabu is developed on an open platform, Min hopes this will give developers the chance to build augmented reality games with band-to-band communication that will allow players to trade information and things of the sort. But right now, the smartband is focused more towards fitness tracking and personal use instead of gaming.

While there is currently no definite date on when it will be available for purchase, the Nabu Smartband will launch for retail under $100. Developers can acquire one for $50 near the end of Q1 2014.

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