CES 2012: SuperTooth Showcase New Range of Bluetooth Products

  • Loretta Neale

    I’ve been seeking for an android app that immediately answers the call by speakerphone and or if in a bluetooth headset. Me and my father will not have bluetooth headsets we have the droid x vehicle docks but even attempting to hit the speakerphone button although in get in touch with is dangerous! We need to have one thing to instantly answer/make the calls with speakerphone by now activated.

  • Gloria Hester

    I have a jawbone wireless headset paired with my iPhone. Can I also pair a motorola speakerphone to the very same cellphone or can I have only 1 Bluetooth gadget for each phone?

  • Serena Frieden

    I’ve experimented with holding the leading still left button but all it does is mute. And on the appropriate side its only choices like contacts, bluetooth, and all that other stuff. What do I do?

  • Jeracoo L

    Is there a device that I can buy that will allow me to communicate on my ps3 via speakerphone and allow me to connect a wired headset and use that in place of a speakerphone?

    If not is there a device that I can plug a wired headset into that will enable me to use that bluetooth headset?

    Ideally it would be a low cost solution because the wired headset was expensive. Note: I do not want a wireless bluetooth headset, since the headset I already have is great and I would like to use that.

  • Thomas Lopez

    hi, anyone tried blueant s4. Does it support iPhone 3Gs? Where can i get a good deal?

  • LN13

    Many cell phone manufacturers are shipping and planning to ship phones that do not have a plug jack for your current earphones, instead they are coming more and more with a bluetooth interface in order to save physical space and other design related issues.

    Would you be willing to buy a $75+ bluetooth headset to replace your current earphones just for the purpose of being able to listen to your mp3 music from your phone?

  • Mathew

    My computer has bluetooth version 2.1 EDR. What i don’t know is if my computer must have stereo bluetooth.

  • Lucas H

    Just got a new cellphone, and planning to pair my old bluetooth to this new phone.
    Had disconnected the bluetooth from the old phone, but my new phone couldn’t find this bluetooth during the set-up process. Does anyone knows the reason why? And how many different phones can a bluetooth be paired up in different times?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Picean

    I have a Motorola E815 phone that has a bluetooth feature on it. I am completely new to the concept of bluetooth and its still pretty vague to me. I’m supposed to be able to connect with my computer to transfer data and files, right?(Mainly phone book, but maybe some pictures as well.) Is there some sort of receiver or transmitter that is supposed to hook up to the computer? Or just a setting possibly that I need to adjust on the computer? And does it matter if that phone is not activated at the moment?

  • llb443

    I was wondering what the difference is between the two in terms of functionality and possibly pricing per chip? If I needed something that is already programmed to be paired and communicate with a bluetooth enable device which of the two would be best?
    Thank you.

  • Michael

    I just updated my ipod touch to the 3.0 OS system and I am trying to figure out how to turn the bluetooth on? I want to buy a bluetooth headset, but I want to test the connection and sound out, before I invest. Where is the setting, please give me step by step instructions.

  • Joe M

    I have a USB Bluetooth adapter that I want to use to transfer files between my desktop, laptop, and cell phone. I lost the software disc that came with the adapter.

    Are there any universal bluetooth interfaces that I can use?
    It seems to be a generic adapter…there is no manufacturer name on the device.