CES 2012 – Sennheiser VMX 200 Ensures Clear Communications In Noisy Environments

If there’s something that busy areas definitely need less off, it’s businessmen shouting into a Bluetooth headset, much louder than is socially acceptable. So it’s hip hip hooray for Sennheiser’s new Bluetooth 3.0 headset – the VMX 200. Handily, it has been developed in partnership with hearing-aid specialist Oticon, meaning that it is much easier to take mobile phone calls in noisy environments.

The headset also uses Sennheiser’s innovative VoiceMax technology, resulting in the best possible sound quality.

It features two built-in microphones which can determine the location of the sound source. After this, the integrated circuitry detects unwanted noise, cancelling most of it out. A newly engineered speaker also provides high speech clarity, which combined with the previous elements results in perfectly clear phone calls. Eric Palonen, senior product specialist at Sennheiser says,

 “The VMX 200 combines Sennheiser’s expertise in music and audiology”

“We have created a unique Bluetooth headset that is an ideal companion for people who need to work while on the move and depend on quality in their communications.”

The VMX 200 can be connected to two devices simultaneously, a mobile phone and a laptop for example. It also looks great, and the design has now been recognized by the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2011. It’s wonderfully light – just over a third of an ounce, and has a battery life of six hours talk time and 10 days stand-by time.

February is when you can expect businessmen and women to be donning this headset, speaking suspiciously quiet in busy areas. It’ll cost around $149.95.


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