CES 2012: AppliedMicro Enables Multi-gigabit Data Rates for Next Generation IEEE 802.11ac Wireless Access Points

  • Heidi Cabrera

    I purchased a rescued Catalina macaw about a week back. It will not likely let me contact it is again but it will allow me touch only its head wherever else I’ve tried is a huge scream! She now recognizes me but won’t get out of da cage. How do I get her out of da cage? Is it normal to just take dis long? How prolonged will it be prior to she sits on my hand??

  • Molly Griego

    We just bought a boat and have been trying to get to Catalina Island with it for the first time. What is the variation in between mooring a boat and anchoring a boat on the water? Additionally any tips on boat-in camping in Catalina Island? Thank a bunch.

  • Marlon P

    We have a 281 Catalina and want to find sources for parts for future maintenance and also a set of service manuals. Can you help?
    Sorry, let me add this is a 1983 Catalina 281 with a Merc V8 230 HP.
    Also, the boat is in excellent condition, I just want to find schematics if available. Sounds like they are not.

  • Ed D

    I am going to the catalina island with my family. I was wondering how I can save money and still have lots of fun. Also, is there any fun things to do at the Catalina island. Its my first time going there.

  • Matthew S

    I bought 2 adult roundtrip tickets to Catalina Island CA on the Catalina Express boat. Do I still have to book spots on the boat though?

  • Derek

    IS there a way to fish in catalina island with out renting a boat?I want to fish in a charter boat.

  • Michael

    In the episode where they go to that hippie town and stay there for a week and randy sees everything as a claymation and at the point where he’s sitting in the hotel room while Earl is trying to convince everyone of global warming and Catalina is speaking Spanish, what is she saying?

  • rashest_hippo

    I’d like to go for a couple of days to Catalina Island, on a tight budget, looking for the least expensive hotel, any suggestions?

  • tjpimpin

    I am 19 years old and for my 1 year anniversary with the bf, we want to stay a weekend in Catalina Island.

    Thing is, my parents won’t let me go and provide no good reason.
    I am too chicken to go without permission.

    Any suggestions in how to convince them?