Our favorite consoles and current games we are playing! | Live w/ TGF! Ep 10

This weeks topic of discussion is our favorite consoles of all time and why they are special to us.

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Anime set in a video game world and games we wish had an anime. | Live w/ TGF! Ep 09

This weeks topic of discussion is our favorite anime shows that take place in a video game setting.

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Watch: Let’s Play Super Cloudbuilt

Watch as Caleb explores Double Eleven’s new game Super Cloudbuilt in a Let’s Play. He explores the tutorial, first level, and the hospital where the main character, Demi, wakes to find herself in. Fast paced platforming goodness.

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Our favorite 2017 games, Nioh, Splatoon 2, and more. | Live w/TGF! Ep 08

This weeks topic of discussion is our favorite games released in 2017. We talk about Nex Machina, Persona 5, Legend of Zelda: BotW, Horizon Zero …

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Watch: Lets Play Prey | An Odyssey Through Space

Prey was released a few months ago and was quite well received. But we all know the spring was absolutely loaded with AAA titles. It was …

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Is Nintendo back on top? Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and more. | Live w/ TGF! Ep 07

This week, the crew talks about Nintendo and if the Switch has put the company back on top. We discuss Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, …

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“Games that made us RAGE! Mario Maker, Dark Souls, and Dota 2.” | Live w/ TGF! Ep 06

This week we discuss games that made us rage quit, or completely stop playing due to frustrating mechanics, difficulty spikes, gameplay and glitches.

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Destiny 2 Let's Play

Destiny 2 Let’s Play | Inverted Spire Strike

The Destiny 2 beta dropped this week, and what better way to showcase it than doing a Let’s Play of the Inverted Spire strike?

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“Impactful games, Final Fantasy XII, and Call of Duty.” | Live w/ TGF! Ep 05 pt 2

Live w/ TGF! is’s weekly podcast recorded live on and Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm PST. If you miss it live it …

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Our Most Impactful Games, Ocarina of Time, BioShock and Much More! | Live w/ TGF! Ep 05 Part 1

This week we discuss games that made an impact on us and our lives as gamers. Discussed are some old favorites like: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, City of Heroes, BioShock, and much more.

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Video Game Backlog - Live w/ TGF! Ep 03

Video Game Backlog – Live with TGF! Ep 03

This week we discuss having a video game backlog, and whether it’s good or bad to play through your list as quick as possible.

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GNOG Review | VR Puzzler Heaven

GNOG is a charming and beautiful puzzle game out now on Playstation VR. It’s a virtual playpen of monster heads and colorful characters that grabs you in immediately and makes it hard to let go.

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Tracer Tip Guide

The Cavalry’s Here! | A Tracer Tip Guide

Veterans and newbies alike can benefit from this tip guide for playing Overwatch’s fastest hero, Tracer, from The Game Fanatics.

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