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Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Review | A Satisfying End to an Era

The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine exceeds all expectations in a manner that will leave fans entirely satisfied with last great contract Geralt of Rivia will ever accept.

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DOOM Review | Ultraviolence

DOOM has no business being a good game, yet it may end of being one of 2016’s best.

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Overwatch Review | The MOBA Must Have!

Overwatch has finally released, and it feels great to say everything that was so wonderful about the beta is completely transferred into the game, with a few added bonuses!

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review | Spirit in the Night

After the middling Automatron and Wasteland Workshop, Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 4: Far Harbor is a triumphant return to form from the creators of great …

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Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review | Closing Our Favorite Book

How does Naughty Dog’s much-vaunted final chapter match up to the others? Will we remember Uncharted 4 when the book is closed?

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Eon Altar Episode One: Battle For Tarnum Review | Back to Basics

Eon Altar is a role playing game developed by Canadian studio Flying Helmet. It’s in early access at the moment, but the very first episode is ready to go for review.

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Battleborn Review | Bordered-lands

Even without its pedigree, Battleborn serves as a throughway into MOBA tendencies with charm and humor driving the carpool.

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Into the Stars Review | Where No One Can Hear You Micromanage

Into the Stars by Fugitive Games is a Space Simulation Survival game that draws from multiple sources and produces a flawed but intriguing experience.

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The Deer God Review: Picturesque Pixelated Forests

The pixel art world of the Deer God is elegant and captivating, however after a decidedly underwhelming and short lived play-through much of the game leaves something to be desired and in some cases causes the game to break down.

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Ratchet & Clank Review | A Perfect Reboot

Video games are rarely funny. If a video game opens up and gives me a belly laugh, I would say it’s a very special game for a lot of reasons. Ratchet & Clank is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4 and is a definitive killer app.

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KOI Review | Documentary-Level Playing

Koi is a game that doesn’t tread much water and an experience that excels only in parts.

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Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Review | Clutching Tight to Embers

Dark Souls 3 doesn’t stand completely tall, but still achedly shambles ahead the series in a few key areas.

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure Review | Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dødge!

It’s crazy rewarding to chuck a ball at your friends face, but the repercussions are always the worst. Instead, try Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure. It’s got all the co-op and multiplayer action you could want and no one has to get nailed between the eyes.

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