Alloy Elite Mechanical keyboard

Edge Out The Competition With New HyperX Mechanical Keyboards

High-performance manufacturer of gaming products and accessories, HyperX, has announced two new mechanical keyboards. The two new keyboards are the Alloy Elite and the Alloy …

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The Ataribox Has Been Revealed

Atari’s new console, the Ataribox, has been revealed with an interesting design that brings together the retro and the traditional.

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Pugio mouse

ASUS Republic of Gamers Launches Pugio Gaming Mouse

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced the release of their Pugio mouse for ambidextrous gaming. The mouse features customizable buttons to suit any gaming style along …

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Logitech Buys ASTRO Gaming for $85 Million

Logitech has unveiled plans to acquire ASTRO Gaming and shake up the gaming peripheral market with a stunning combo that costs $85 million.

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Summer of Rift

Summer of Rift Sale Makes Oculus VR Gaming Affordable

Oculus is cheaper than ever thanks to the Summer of Rift

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Graphic Card Cryptocurrency

Graphic Card Prices Skyrocket Due To Crypto Miners

Noticing how graphics cards are becoming more expensive? Here’s why.

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LG OLED 77-inch

LG Pushes OLED Technology Into New Shapes

OLED display has been developing at a rapid pace, lead mostly by LG. LG has upped the OLED game by introducing a transparent and flexible …

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twitch mobile app

Livestream And UI Updates Added To Twitch Mobile App

The Twitch mobile app is looking to roll out some changes soon

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Sennheiser PC 373D 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review | Gaming Rarely Sounds This Good

Sennheiser has been offering high-end audio products to high end customers for quite a while now; their name is almost synonymous with top-notch quality. The …

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Doppel wearable

Alter Your Mood With Doppel Wearable

London startup Doppel has created a new wearable which hopes to keep you alert and calm in real time.

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Logitech G433 headphones

New Logitech G Headphones Easily Transition From Gaming to Everyday Life

Logitech G headphones, a brand of Logitech announced the launch of both the Logitech G433 7.1 and Logitech G233 Prodigy gaming headsets.

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MX Master 2S stock photo

Logitech’s Versatile Mouse Series Gets Better

Logitech gets some new tweaks to their line of computer mouse products.

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Nacon Revolution Pro 2 Revealed | E3 2017

If you’re looking for a pro controller on PS4, look no further.

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