Street Fighter Miniatures Game Box

Will Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Work?

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is now fully funded on Kickstarter. So, I ask a terrifying question: is it going to work?

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Battle Royale

Brace Yourselves, This E3 Will be a Battle Royale Bonanza | E3 2018

It’s about that time again, and we are always excited to see what E3 has to showcase every year! Since the release of ARMA 2: DayZ Battle Royale Mod created by Brendan Greene in 2013, there has been an influx of them throughout the years. Let’s take a look!

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5 Reasons Why Shadows Die Twice is Totally Bloodborne 2

Is Shadows Die Twice going to be revealed as Bloodborne 2? Lets find some clues.

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Spotlight on Steam Early Access and Kickstarter

On a weekly basis games are flooding the market place from every angle. As gamers, we are often bombarded with marketing on the new AAA …

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Detroit: Become Human First Impressions

A first impression look at Detroit: Become Human and its newly released Demo on PlayStation 4. You find clues and talk down crazy robots.

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Free Games with Gold, PS Plus & Twitch Prime

It’s May, which means a new round of free games from your favorite gaming services. From PlayStation Network to Xbox Live to Twitch Prime.

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Our Thoughts on God of War

God of War has been out for a while. Instead of a review however, we have decided to simply share our thoughts on this fantastic game.

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Fanatic Spotlight: The Cult

In our very first Fanatic Spotlight, we take a look at The Cult. A single-player board game where you deal with zombies and a crazy cult.

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Things to Know Before Playing God of War

With the new God of War now out, we have decided to give a brief look at both Norse and Greek Mythology. Showing their differences.

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The Evolution of God of War

The history of God of War is one of anger, murder, and trends. With the new game now in the wild, let’s look back at Kratos’ past.

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Watch: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Interview | Suda-san Swag

Travis Touchdown wants to be left alone, but every time he tries to go the game keeps pulling him back in. This time quite literally.

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The Forgotten Spartan, A Look Back at God of War Ascension

God of War: Ascension isn’t really talked about anymore. Was it franchise fatigue, or was there really nothing worth discussing?

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Three Films from SXSW 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss

SXSW 2018 brought with it another great slate of films but which should you watch out for?

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