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Bastion, Transistor Developer Unveils New Game, Pyre

Today, Supergiant Games, developing studio behind Bastion and Transistor announced their third title called Pyre.

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Moving Hazard – A Zombie Game From One of the Minds Behind Red Dead Redemption and Manhunt

That’s right we’ve got another zombie game on our hands. The designer/writer, Christian Cantamessa, known for Red Dead: Redemption and Manhunt has once again popped up for …

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Firewatch Hits Half Million Sales In First Month

Campo Santo’s first title, Firewatch, has sold more than 500,000 copies since its launch last February. This news came from the publisher of Firewatch, Panic Inc. and the company stated that the game was a “huge” investment for them.

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Her Story

Her Story, the Search Bar and Internet Sleuthing

Devoun examines how the search bar in Her Story is used to simulate the trend of internet sleuthing.

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Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Adds New Trailer Near the End

Where did all the time go? Shenmue 3 is about out of its funding period, but Ys Net has at least one more trailer to show off first.

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Fanatical Five | Top 5 Indie Games We’re Playing This Week

This list is a compilation of the five best indie titles that we, here at TGF, are playing this week.

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Indie Corner | Interviewing Asteroid Base!

Welcome to our very first Indie Corner. Here we’ll be picking the brains of various indie developers for your reading pleasure. Today we have Jamie …

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Reverb Publishing Announces Origin PC Partnership

Unique things happen throughout the universe every single day and yesterday was one of those days. Reverb Publishing announced their partnership with ORIGIN PC to …

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Indie Showcase | Children of Liberty

So a cool indie game has come to my attention recently. Made by Lantana Games, Children of Liberty first struck me because of its neat …

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Johann Sebastian Joust – Folk Gaming

GDC was last week, here in San Francisco, and it was pretty awesome. Lots of clever people, interesting projects, and great discussion. I want to …

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Indie Showcase: Aquaphobia: Mutant Brain Sponge Madness

Allow us to introduce you to a new feature here on TGF: the Indie Showcase. We have a lot of love for our independent game …

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The Kore Gang; Gameplay With Screenshots

The Kore Gang is a new action platformer, developed by Pixonauts, which follows the exploits of three intrepid adventures: Pixie, and acrobatic thrill-seeker who craves excitement; …

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